Green Lake Park and Woodland Park are wonderful neighborhood, city, and regional assets.  Thousands of people play, walk, stroll, run, and bike in the parks every weekend — even every day.

Getting to the parks should also be as enjoyable as being in the parks.  The improvements to walking, biking, and transit infrastructure will all help ensure people can access the parks safely and comfortably. 

The two-way protected bike lane adjacent to Green Lake Park will essentially expand the park by an extra 10-13 feet.  Like people bike on the paved path around Green Lake Park, they will now also be able to experience a trail-like experience on the outer edge of the park.  Plus, the new protected bike lane will serve as a buffer that makes running on the park's outside gravel path even more comfortable.

We believe the project should take two additional extra steps to leverage the opportunity to enhance the park experience. 

First, at the intersection with NE Ravenna Boulevard near Starbucks, the City's planned curb bulb along the park should be increased in size, effectively dedicating even more real estate to the park.  This will help square-up the intersection and shorter crossing distances for people walking to and from the park, enhancing park access.

Second, the two-way protected bike lane should be extended through the western edge of the Woodland Park Playfields Lower Parking Lot.  This will eliminate conflicts between drivers and bicyclists at the three parking lot driveways and create a genuine trail-like experience underneath the canopy of the deciduous trees.