Green Lake Park and Woodland Park are amazing neighborhood assets.  All people should feel safe walking and biking from their house to the parks. 

Unfortunately, with too few safe crossings of the major arterials into the parks, many parents are reluctant to let their kids go on their own to go play.

With the safety improvements to the Green Lake Drives/Ways, it won't be this way.  Not only will we as residents of Green Lake and Wallingford get to enjoy the parks, we will also now enjoy getting to the parks.

Still, we believe additional safety improvements are needed, such as squaring-up the intersection at Ravenna Boulevard, signing and designing the streets to lower speeds, and routing the two-way protected bike lane through the Woodland Park Playfields parking lot.

With these improvements, we will have a truly remarkable neighborhood that feels connected, safe, and comfortable, where the park is always just one very short walk or ride from our doorsteps and across the street.